With the advancement of Internet, as we’ve witnessed the widespread use of cyberspace, at the same time we also have seen several breaches of conducts including hacking and unauthorized access of others’ computers, often for the purpose of stealing, modification and fabrication of data and others. Also known as Information Security, Computer Security involves protection of data, information and property from corruption, fraud and theft. Our certified technicians have got expertise to do the same.

We, at PC Cure, address four major types of security threats to your computer – interception, interruption, modification and fabrication of data. We use proper computer security software to protect your important and sensitive data through various means including encrypting, hiding, allowing safe transfer through encrypted self-extracting package, installing firewall program and locking certain applications even from your ‘guest’ users.

What We Offer

With so many hackers around the world trying to sneak into others computers to steal sensitive data including credit card details, it won’t be a wise decision to leave your computer unsecured and unattended. Ensure your PC’s safety and secure your data – our expert technicians will help you do the same.