PC Boot Problems – Simple Solutions

Is your computer not booting? There might be computer boot problems due to several reasons. Just have a look what to do to resolve PC boot problems.

Once we find our computer is not booting, we get nervous. But being nervous you can never be able to resolve the issue. Be cool. Have a look at the power cable. Is it plugged in correctly? Sometime we forget to turn on the power strip. Have a look at it as well.

Another important thing you need to check whether the power cable is plugged into the back of the computer appropriately or not. Sometimes, the power supplies feature a separate on/off switch, usually labeled 0/1. It needs to be turned on. If these power cables are plugged in properly press the power button of the CPU. The computer should start booting.

Is your computer getting restarted automatically? There might be problem with the RAM. To resolve this issue you need to take the cover off of the case and remove the RAM and clean it with a white paper. Then insert it again in proper way. The problem will get resolved if the RAM is ok.

Sometimes, it is also seen that the computer booting but no display on monitor. In these cases, you need to check the power cable of the monitor. Have you plugged it in properly? Is the monitor turned on? The cable which connects the video card/Motherboard and the monitor is appropriately plugged in? If the all these are ok, the problem should be solved. For further assistance you can ask for computer help from a remote pc service provider.