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Customer Satisfaction

Challenged by delivering competent technical support while simultaneously excelling at customer satisfaction? Our unique approach to hiring and training provides your company with the solution needed to deliver your desired customer experience.

We utilize a delivery model that is layered with core competencies. We use our expertise in managing the customer experience to prepare the front line for excellence as they dig into the subject and quickly identify issues.

If we determine that further assistance is needed, we promptly escalate your customer to the appropriate tech support level. Throughout each transaction, our knowledgeable tech support team leaders manage the process, identify areas to improve and provide feedback.

Every technical support representative is put through a stringent screening process using our proprietary sourcing methodology.

Upon being selected as an PC Cure representative, the candidate undergoes thorough training that incorporates your product/service information with hands-on experience and quality assurance monitoring. Leveraging professional trainers to lead the training allows us to ramp up quickly and implement improvements swiftly. We do this all with an attention to detail that we're known for delivering.

In fact, for one client we doubled their typical ramp-up schedule in the first three months. We met all goals, and actually exceeded many, that were set in place during the implementation timeline.

Our client remains very satisfied with our ability to promptly and efficiently deliver knowledgeable tech support talent that effectively addresses their customer's needs. As a result of our PC Cure model, the technology support representative base is now being prepped for Tier 2 work.

While maintaining customer satisfaction objectives are imperative to revenue growth, we also bring another layer of capabilities. We pride ourselves on our ability to execute upon what we said we'll do in each of our client partnerships.

At PC Cure, we also view tech support as an opening to entangle upsell and cross-sell opportunities. In some instances it may involve a sale that resolves another technical issue, in others it may be selling accessories or add-ons. In either case it leads to satisfied customers who, in turn, help you grow not just revenue, but grow your brand.

Looking to leverage our expertise in technical support outsourcing, customer care solutions and BPO services to improve your bottom line? Contact us today to discover the difference.